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Crabby Oddwaters

A haven for seafood lovers

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If you’ve been craving a truly succulent crab or if shrimp has been on your mind all day, then Crabby Oddwaters has exactly what you’re looking for. Located right on the Sunset Beach canal, Crabby’s has the freshest seafood around, along with the best views and service.

Crabby’s dining area is entirely waterfront. From its spot on the Sunset Beach canal, you can enjoy a glass of wine and a fresh catch as you watch the sunset over the water. With specials that change with the seasons, you can be sure that you are receiving both the freshest and tastiest seafood in the area. Chef Craig takes seafood to a whole new creative level. At Crabby’s, you can literally boat right up to the dock and dine; you’ll leave full and happy.

From the friendly staff, awesome atmosphere and local seafood, Crabby Oddwaters is a step above the rest. If you come once, you’ll want to come again. For more information on Crabby’s, check out their Facebook page at If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call (910) 579-6372. Crabby’s is located at 310 Sunset Boulevard North in Sunset Beach. No reservations are necessary.
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