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5 Culinary Careers Worth Pursuing

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Food has the capacity to enhance our lives, and well prepared food has the ability to change lives positively. If food is something that you enjoy, and cooking is your passion, than consider a culinary arts college as the means of learning a career that will allow you to do what you love. Below are 5 culinary careers worth pursuing.

Pastry/Dessert Chef: Whether your passion is cupcakes or ice cream, desserts are on everyone's mind these days. This is a hot field right now. We see small dessert shops opening up across the nation, but stationary store fronts are not all that is available. Dessert vans and gourmet ice cream trucks are also the rage.

Hospitality Management: This is a field that is also wide open. Sure there are traditional jobs here, but there are also many nontraditional jobs to be had within hospitality management. One great example is business consulting, which allows you to help restaurant owners overcome management obstacles and turn their business into a profitable restaurant.

Product Development/Research: The competition between large corporations within the food industry is intense. Product development and research are hot career options right now. If you love to experiment with foods and tastes, than this may be a career for you.

Nutrition/Health: Nutrition and health are always in the public eye. Developing foods that are nutritious and healthy is one career choice. Developing educational programs that teach nutrition and health is yet another option. Nutrition and health also works hand-in-hand with product development and research. The entire sports industry revolves around nutrition and health.

Executive Chef: The thrill of braving the kitchen, the public, and the bottom line are all a small taste of what an executive chef does. Job duties include, menu design, finding exotic ingredients, ensuring that every meal is top quality, is prepared perfectly and ensuring it is profitable. If you love pressure and success, then this may be a career for you.

The gateway to any of these careers is through a culinary arts college. This is not just an opportunity to learn it is an opportunity to learn from the best. Culinary arts college is where natural skill and ambition are combined in the perfect recipe for success.

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